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Developing and Inspiring Whole-System Thinkers

Presidential Direction

"If we stay true to our bedrock principles and we execute on well conceived plans - I am confident that Cal Poly will thrive as a nationally recognized beacon of excellence."
-President Jeffrey D. Armstrong

Key Principles

Four principles unite Cal Poly as a campus:

  • Student Success
  • Learn by Doing
  • Excellence through Continuous Improvement
  • Comprehensive Polytechnic University

These principles give rise to our values and vision.


Cal Poly will be the nation's premier comprehensive polytechnic university, an innovative institution that develops and inspires whole-system thinkers to serve California and help solve global challenges.

Strategic Imperatives

Through a process of broad campus consultation, Cal Poly has chosen six strategic imperatives:

  • Develop and inspire whole-system thinkers
  • Embrace the teacher-scholar model
  • Foster diversity and cultural competency in a global context
  • Promote a culture of support, philanthropy, and community engagement
  • Achieve sustainable growth and support world-class facilities and equipment
  • Ensure our financial future

These imperatives will guide our decisions and actions, and we will measure our progress annually.